dental surgery SouthlakeAs one of the most common types of dental surgery, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to preserve oral health and prevent the development of painful and destructive conditions. Extractions may be necessary if teeth are badly diseased, injured, or impacted in the gum tissue. If your dentist or oral surgeon has recommended a tooth extraction, it is best to receive treatment as quickly as possible to prevent health complications and preserve your oral health.

Why Teeth May Require Extraction

Teeth are incapable of self-regenerating tissue to heal. Therefore, unlike bones and soft muscular tissue, a tooth afflicted by decay or dental trauma, will not improve on its own. Instead, the health of the tooth will only worsen until professional treatment is sought. In many cases, teeth can be saved with endodontic and restorative care but this is not always the case. If a tooth cannot be saved, extractions are necessary to prevent infections and conditions that affect neighboring oral structures.

How Retaining Damaged and Diseased Teeth Harms Oral Health

Patients who retain diseased, damaged, or improperly placed teeth can experience severe complications that affect oral health and everyday life. Severely decayed teeth eventually become internally infected and this can produce more than just painful toothaches; internally infected teeth can become abscessed. An abscess is a painful infection that appears along the roots of teeth and gums.

Another way that foregoing a tooth extraction can harm your oral health is if the tooth is impacted in the gums. Improperly placed teeth can affect the placement of healthy teeth. For example, when wisdom teeth emerge, they tend to crowd existing teeth and may even lead to teeth becoming overlapped and crooked. Straight, properly placed teeth are more than just an aesthetic benefit. Misaligned teeth increase a patient’s risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease because they are difficult to keep clean.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

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