tooth implant KellerThe surgical procedure in which the oral surgeon inserts implants into your jaw is merely one of the earliest stages of this treatment for tooth loss. Tooth implant patients continue to follow up with their oral surgeon periodically to be sure that the healing process is progressing as expected and that the implants are stable.

The bond that forms between the bone and the implant’s titanium surface provides the foundation of the implant’s longevity and stability, so the dental surgeon will want to monitor the healing process to determine if it is progressing as expected. After the osseointegration process is complete, you may not need to see the oral surgeon again.

However, in addition to appointments to check on your tooth implants, you will also need to be sure to follow up with your general dentist for cleanings and check-ups at least every six months. This will reduce your risk of bone loss due to oral diseases, which can compromise the stability of your dental implants.

When getting your teeth cleaned, you should alert the dental hygienist to the location of your implants, as the hygienist may need to use special instruments in that area.

If you tend to accumulate plaque and tartar relatively quickly or if a build-up of oral bacteria led to your initial tooth loss, you may want to consider upping the frequency of your dental cleanings to every 3-4 months to protect the implant. Discuss this with your dentist.

Of course, you also need to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home to maintain your replacement teeth. Brush twice a day using good technique and floss every day to keep plaque and tartar at bay.

After the initial healing process is complete, tooth implants require no more care than your natural teeth do, but it is important to maintain good oral hygiene habits and get routine dental care. During the treatment planning process for your implants, talk to our team about developing a plan for implant care to maximize the lifespan of your replacement teeth. Call Texas Oral Surgery Specialists at 817-552-3223 to schedule your visit.