tooth implant North Richland HillsPatients who have missing teeth and a crooked smile may need a treatment plan that combines a tooth implant and orthodontia. The correct sequencing of these interventions is an important part of achieving the treatment goals.

Furthermore, the oral surgeon and the orthodontist must collaborate closely when treatment requires both dental implants and orthodontic appliances.

The patient’s specific scenario will dictate whether the tooth implant is placed before or after orthodontic treatment.

For example, if an artificial tooth is needed to serve as an anchor site for the orthodontic appliances, the patient may undergo dental surgery to have the implant placed before orthodontic treatment commences. This approach may be necessary for patients who are missing multiple teeth and do not have enough biological teeth to serve as sites for the brackets. [pullquote]The patient’s specific scenario will dictate whether the tooth implant is placed before or after orthodontic treatment.[/pullquote]

On the other hand, patients with severe crowding may need to have the teeth repositioned first to create enough room for the dental implant. The patient may also need to get braces first if a tooth has shifted into an empty space, limiting the space available to the dental implant.

Additionally, different considerations apply for adults in comparison to teenagers or children. In adults, the results are more predictable, as their jaws are fully formed. In an adolescent or child, however, the jaw is still developing, making the treatment plan more complicated. Dental implants are typically contraindicated until jaw growth is complete, but in some cases, children can get dental implants in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

Your oral surgeon and orthodontist will consult to determine the most appropriate timing of dental implant placement. The procedure itself is usually an outpatient procedure that is completed in a matter of hours.

Each patient is different when it comes to dental implant placement in combination with orthodontic treatment. Some will need to get the implants first, while others will wait until the orthodontics have moved the teeth before getting the implant. Ask your oral surgeon at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists what course of treatment is recommended in your case.