tooth implant Grapevine TXDental implants have greatly changed the way that dental professionals address tooth loss. Unlike other prosthetics, a tooth implant replaces the entire structure of teeth, including the roots. Dental implants are durable, low maintenance, and very long lasting. Our practice encourages those who have missing teeth to reserve a consultation with our oral surgeon to see if this tooth replacement option is right for them. Following are answers to common questions about tooth loss and dental implants.

How does a tooth implant work?

A tooth implant is a titanium post that is shaped like a cylinder. Our oral surgeon will embed the post directly into the jawbone and over time, the bone will fuse to the post’s titanium construction. This titanium post will serve as a pillar or anchor for a prosthetic dental crown or bridge. In fact, dental implants essentially function like a tooth’s root.

Once the bone has fused to the tooth implant, a custom prosthetic crown or bridge will be permanently attached to the implant to complete the restoration process. The prosthetic will not only address the gaps in an incomplete smile; it will provide a durable, tooth-shaped surface for biting and chewing food comfortably.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants, under the right circumstances, can last for the rest of a patient’s life. The reason implants are so durable and long lasting is the fact that the titanium post is biocompatible with bone mass. Over time, a tooth implant literally becomes a part of the oral health system. With proper care, implants have been proven to last for decades.

How do I care for a tooth implant?

Caring for these replacement teeth is relatively easy. Unlike removable prosthetics where replacement teeth are cleaned outside the mouth and left to soak overnight, a patient will clean his or her mouth as normal with thorough flossing and brushing. Routine checkups and cleanings are necessary for keeping surrounding tissues healthy so that the implant can remain stable.

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