Considering your tooth replacement options? You have likely heard of dental implants, along with traditional bridges and dentures. But if you have not given implants serious consideration, it’s time to think again! 

Not only do implants ensure lifelike prosthetics; they also help to protect your long term dental health. As a top area oral surgeon, Dr.Chris Tye is uniquely suited to place dental implants. When you come to Texas Oral Surgery Specialists, he can also assess your candidacy and provide any preparatory procedures, if necessary. 

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1. A Healthier Jawbone

Your dental roots do more than anchor your teeth in your mouth. They also help to safeguard your jawbone. Whenever your teeth touch, whether you are chewing or speaking, they emit regenerative signals. These signals trigger new bone tissue growth. When you lose your teeth, you also lose these important stimuli, and your jawbone can start to shrink quickly.

Dental implants reduce this risk by sending out the same regenerative signals as your tooth roots. Thus, implants can protect your appearance and help you look markedly younger.

This is just one reason that dental implants have enjoyed a surge in popularity. Between 1999 and 2016, the treatment has increased in popularity by a whopping 1000% among patients ages 55 to 64.

2. Reduced Risk for Further Tooth Loss

As your jawbone shrinks, it will draw away from your remaining dental roots. This will increase your risk for additional loose or missing teeth. Thus, when you replace your original lost teeth with implants, you are less likely to need restorative dentistry later down the road.

3. A More Realistic Appearance

Modern day bridges and dentures look more lifelike than they did in generations past. But nothing can beat the realism of an implant-supported restoration. In particular, implant-supported dentures are an improvement over removable prosthetics. 

Implant dentures are attached directly to the implant posts and rest right against the gums. They do not require adhesives, a plastic base, or metal clips. Therefore, they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

4. A More Economical Option 

It’s true that dental implants initially cost more than a standard bridge or denture. However, when you care for them properly, they can last the rest of your life. In contrast, traditional dentures often need to be replaced since, according to one large-scale study, they have a mean longevity of just 6.06 years

Even if you don’t need to replace removable dentures, you will likely need to have periodic adjustments. As your jawbone changes shape, dentures will become unstable. Your dentist will need to reline or reshape your prosthetic so that it fits securely around your gums.

The cost of repeated replacements or repairs will really start to add up! Over the years, you may wind up paying far more than if you had chosen dental implants in the beginning

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