Choosing an oral surgeon from North Richland Hills, TX, or the surrounding community for the first time? Treat the process the same way you would for any professional. To help you determine which oral surgeon is best-suited for your needs, concentrate on finding one who possesses several key traits. Dr. Chris Tye welcomes all potential new patients. Arrange a consultation by filling our online form.

1. Solid Education and Credentials

All oral surgeons must graduate from an accredited dental college. The process adds an extra four years beyond their undergraduate degree. Plus, oral surgeons must pass state-specific examinations for licensure. Dr. Tye’s graduate level alma maters include Baylor College of Dentistry and University of Alabama Medical School. After matriculating from both schools, he became Tarrant County’s first dual-degreed oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Today, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

2. Willingness to Absorb and Share Knowledge

The mark of someone confident in his abilities is an individual willing to teach, as well as to learn. The lifelong desire to understand dental medicine and advancements is a critical characteristic among top oral surgeons. As Dr. Tye has discovered, the more he knows, the more he can share. His focus on educating patients helps them make better treatment decisions. He teaches peers as a certified continuing education provider an has dedicated space in his practice for training workshops and events.

3. List of Recent Reviews

What does a Google review mean? It is a testimonial that can assist you in deciding if an oral surgeon meets your comfort level. Whether you need wisdom tooth removal or placement of dental implants, you want to partner with someone you trust. Read through any potential oral surgeon’s reviews, noting when they were posted. Ideally, an oral surgeon should have a consistent flow of recent reviews rather than a few from years ago.

4. Several Honors and Awards

Be on the lookout for honors and awards during your search for an oral surgeon around North Richland Hills, TX. Examine each honor to determine if it is objective. For instance, Dr. Tye has been named a best oral surgeon in Fort Worth Magazine more than once. His nomination was peer-based, making it a strong indication of his standing among colleagues and in the community.

5. Modern Touch and Interests

Feel like the oral surgeon you worked with years ago has not stayed ahead of the curve? Oral surgery has continued to develop rapidly thanks to leading edge technologies and protocols. You may be more comfortable with someone who concentrates on bringing safe, emerging practices into his office for improved care. Similarly, seek out an oral surgeon who is blogging on a site and active online, whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, or another platform.

6. Support of Community

When you find an oral surgeon who has planted deep roots in the community, you know that he has the needs of his neighbors at heart. Giving back starts at home, which is why Dr. Tye enjoys being a part of his church, spending time with friends, and enjoying the nature of region that includes North Richland Hills, TX.

Find an Oral Surgeon for Your Next Treatment

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