Bedford dental implants

Replace missing teeth with Dental Implants

Missing teeth can greatly detract from the look of your smile. Whether you’re missing just one tooth or many, dental implants can help you get your self-confidence back and give you the perfect smile you used to have.

Why Implants Instead of Dentures?

For a long time, the only option to replace missing teeth was traditional dentures. Dentures sit on the surface of your gums, and often cover the palate, making them difficult to adjust to. If they are properly fitted, they should not shift in the mouth, but often they become loose and can be uncomfortable. They also need to be refitted or modified every few years. This is often because your jawbone atrophies over time, changing the shape of your jaw and even the shape of your face.

Dental implants prevent these problems. Implants are permanent and stationary, since they are placed directly in the jawbone and include a root portion that holds them in place. The root portion also helps ensure your jawbone remains healthy. Much like natural tooth roots, the roots of your implants stimulate growth of bone tissue, keeping your face from changing shape.

Am I a Good Candidate for Implants?

If you wish to have your teeth replaced with implants, the first step is to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate. A good candidate for implants:

•    Is in overall good health
•    Has sufficient jawbone mass to support implants
•    Has realistic expectations of the implant process

If you lack sufficient bone mass, your oral surgeon might recommend bone grafts to provide a strong enough foundation to support your dental implants. Alternative types of implants can also provide additional options if your jawbone has atrophied.

Typically, the implant process occurs in two stages. First, the root portion of the implant is put into place. After the titanium root bonds with the bone, the prosthetic tooth is placed.

To find out more about how implants can help restore your smile, contact the office of Dr. Chris Tye, serving Southlake and neighboring areas, today to schedule a consultation.