A facial bone fracture can occur from any number of traumas, such as a sports injury or a fall. When such an injury does happen, it may be necessary for the patient to undergo facial surgery to repair the damage and preserve the face’s aesthetics.

In many ways, fractures of the facial bones are similar to fractures of other bones in the body. The treatment approach will depend on the location and severity of the injury, among other factors.

One important difference between facial bone fractures and other bone fractures is the method used to stabilize them. A broken arm or leg might be fixed in place using a cast, but that’s often not feasible for facial bones, other than the nose.

As such, techniques used following facial surgery strive to achieve that same goal of holding the bones in their place until healing is complete.

An oral surgeon may use different strategies to fix the bones depending on the nature of the fracture. If both jaws are fractured, or if the upper or lower jaw is broken in a certain place, it may be necessary to wire the jaws shut for a period of time as the patient heals.

In other circumstances, the oral surgeon may be able to use plates and screws in an approach called “rigid fixation.” This technique is advantageous because the patient does not need to have the jaws wired shut for a period of time, which is an inconvenience.

Regardless of the surgical approach, the oral surgeon can take care to minimize incisions and place them at locations that can be readily hidden from view.

Facial surgery requires a sufficient amount of recovery time, and it’s important to discuss this aspect of the procedure with your oral surgeon prior to the surgery. Patients should know what to expect from the healing process and know what steps to take to reduce their chances of complications.

If you have suffered a fracture of a facial bone or multiple bones, see an oral surgeon for an evaluation of your case. Prompt treatment can help to promote proper healing and maintain an attractive facial appearance. Call 817-552-3223 to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon today.