Dr. Chris Tye is a proponent of educating patients on upcoming procedures. If you live in Colleyville, TX and are planning on undergoing wisdom teeth removal, this overview will describe the straightforward procedure. The third molars are removed for a variety of reasons. Wisdom teeth are at higher risk of becoming impacted because they emerge between the ages of 18 and 24. By safely extracted the molars, patients can prevent teeth crowding that can complicate orthodontic treatments.

Wisdom Teeth Treatment Overview

Dr. Tye prepares for wisdom teeth removal by planning your treatment at our Colleyville dental practice. With an oral examination and x-rays of the teeth and jaws, Dr. Tye can evaluate the wisdom teeth to determine if they will be problematic. Then, he will consider how to handle your dental anxiety and pain management. Our office offers fast-acting anesthesia to increase your comfort. Under the effects of sedation, patients will feel deeply relaxed and calm throughout the procedure. Local anesthesia will be used to ensure that you do not feel any pain during your procedure.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Tye will remove gum tissue to access your wisdom tooth if your tooth is impacted. With his skill and expertise, patients report little to no discomfort throughout their procedure. Molars may need to be broken up so they can be safely removed. Slight pressure may be felt while the tooth is being extracted. Any incisions will be sutured, and gauze will be placed to control bleeding. Most tooth extractions can be completed in well under an hour. 

Follow your teeth removal at our Colleyville dental practice, patients will be given recovery guidelines. These instructions may include advice and guidelines for:

  • Foods and drinks that can be safely consumed in the days following surgery
  • How and when to take antibiotics and pain-relieving medications
  • Cutting back on smoking and drinking while you heal
  • Avoiding strenuous activities

Intermittent bleeding and swollen cheeks are not uncommon during the first two to three days following wisdom teeth extraction. Though you will need to rest for a day or two, many patients report that their wisdom tooth extractions were surprisingly easy and their recoveries much quicker than expected.

When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dr. Tye recommends that patients have their wisdom teeth as early as possible. Younger patients tend to heal faster and have fewer complications than individuals who are in their 30s, 40s, or older. Wisdom teeth form during the teenage years. The molars are easier to extract when the roots are still developing. As the wisdom teeth grow, the roots become longer. Teeth crowding later in life can also complicate tooth extraction. 

Trust Your Colleyville Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dr. Tye (MD, DDS) is the surgeon of choice for numerous families in the Colleyville, TX area and across the state. He is widely recognizing his clinical skills and know-how. Many doctors visit him for their own needs and those of their patients. If you are looking for a dentist who can perform wisdom teeth removal in Colleyville, TX, Dr. Tye brings advanced surgical training when treating your teeth. 

With over 25 years of experience and a list of exceptional credentials, Dr. Tye offers the latest methods of patient treatment, new technology, and current healthcare standards. To schedule your wisdom teeth removal, please contact our office online or call (817) 552-3223.