A Euless oral surgeon can help you restore a strong jaw through bone grafting.Gone are the days when tooth loss meant a permanent gap in your smile. Today, when you experience tooth loss due to trauma, injury, or decay, your Euless oral surgeon can place a dental implant to restore your missing tooth root and give you back a strong bite and beautiful smile. Before dental implant treatment can occur, however, some patient require preliminary procedures to prepare the jawbone for implant placement. If your implant treatment requires a bone graft, you may be wondering what to expect. Continue reading for more information on these commonly performed oral surgery procedures.

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Why are bone grafts necessary?

When patients experience trauma, tooth loss from extraction or decay, or even extensive periodontal disease, their jaw bone can deteriorate, losing density. When bone loses density it becomes weaker and is not as easily able to accept a titanium dental implant. The chance for a failed dental implant placement increases with bone tissue that is weak and deteriorated. Dr. Tye may evaluate your jaw bone and find that it’s damaged or not strong enough for a dental implant placement procedure. To heal and strengthen the jaw, a bone graft procedure can be done to restore lost bone tissue and strengthen the area that will require an implant.

What type of bone graft will I need?

According to the degree of recession and the type of restoration you are going to receive, your Euless oral surgeon may recommend one of the three common preliminary procedures:

Bone Grafting – When the height of the bone is too short for an implant, Dr. Tye can add additional tissues to build up the vertical dimensions. This is most usually performed before a dental implant placement, or for patients with an anatomical defect.

Ridge Expansion – While a bone graft builds up the height of the jaw bone, a ridge expansion increases the width of the jawbone. This offers greater coverage and protection for your tooth roots or implants. Sometimes, ridge expansion procedures are recommended for patients preparing for a removable or implant-supported denture treatment.

Sinus Lift – Your sinuses are located directly about your upper jaw. When that area of the jaw experiences deterioration, a dental implant may not be able to be placed without reaching the delicate sinus cavity. To prepare the jaw for implant placement, Dr. Tye will adjust the floor of the sinus cabity and graft tissue beneath the sinus to support the future implant.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Before beginning the procedure, Dr. Tye will completely numb the area, to allow treatment to occur with little or no discomfort to you. Optional sedation medication is also available for patients who are nervous or fearful of the procedure.

Dr. Tye will first make an incision in the gums in order to reach the bone tissues underneath. Sterile or synthetic bone tissue material is applied to the weakened area. The bone tissue material may either be donated, sterilized bone tissue from a medical bank, or a synthetic bone-like material that supplements natural tissues and encourages existing bone regrowth. After placing the graft, Dr. Tye closes the incision with small sutures and the healing process starts. Once healed, the bone graft offers permanent bone support for a weakened jaw, and does not need to be maintained or replaced. Full recovery often takes several months before the bone is ready for implant placement.

How do I learn more?

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