As with any surgery, dental implants require some time to heal. How soon you can return to work after your surgery depends upon your individual situation. Different factors might affect your healing as well as your comfort level in returning to your everyday activities.

Factors That Affect Healing

Ensuring proper healing will not only help you get back to work more quickly, it will also help ensure that your dental implants are successful. Some common factors that affect healing and the long-term success of your implants include:


•    How well you follow your post-operative instructions
•    Whether or not you are a smoker
•    Whether you are in generally good health

Your implant dentist will discuss these issues with you before your surgery. If at all possible, you should quit smoking before your surgery, or cut back as much as possible. You should also ask about treating any existing health issues you might have, especially gum disease, which might affect your long-term healing.

The length of time required for successful healing also depends upon how many implants you’ve had placed. If you have only had one or two teeth replaced, you might feel ready to go back to work the day after your surgery. If you have received more implants, a longer recuperation time might be more comfortable.

Caring for Your Implants

After your procedure, your implant dentist will provide specific instructions on how to care for your implants in the days immediately following your surgery. Treatment can include over-the-counter or prescription painkillers and antibiotics. You will probably be told to eat soft foods for a few days, and you may experience some swelling. It is very important to follow all these instructions to prevent complications such as infection or abnormal bleeding.

If you experience any unusual symptoms such as inflammation, redness, fever, or extreme discomfort, consult with your dentist right away.

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