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Dental implants are an effective tooth replacement solution that enhances the oral health of a patient and maintains their beautiful smile. There are numerous decisions to be made when getting dental implants, including deciding who would perform the treatment. To ensure the long-term success of this procedure, it is vital to consult an oral surgeon.

An experienced oral surgeon specializes in dental implant procedures and other oral surgeries, which reduces the chances of any risks, and increases the success rate. While you might be tempted to trust your dentist for this procedure, going to an oral surgeon is the right choice, mainly due to the years of additional training and specialization , and extensive experiences of oral surgeons who perform such procedures as a routine part of their service to patients.

Reasons to Trust an Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants

Oral surgeons are more specialized in the area of surgical procedures of the mouth and jaws. They can perform this procedure more efficiently and professionally, focusing on attention to detail and creating individualized treatment plans. Here are three primary reasons you should trust an oral surgeon for a dental implant:

1. Specialization: First and foremost, oral surgeons specialize in the field of surgery of the mouth and jaws, including extractions, bone grafting, Dental Implants, full mouth dental implants and corrective jaw surgery. In addition to the fundamental knowledge of a general dentist, oral surgeons have years of additional training and expertise, and have devoted time and efforts to understanding and polishing these complicated oral surgical procedures. Getting your dental implants from an oral surgeon ensures you get the most efficient treatment from the most experienced provider.

2. Experience: The dental implant procedure is a complicated and delicate procedure that involves challenges and risks. For instance, if the jaw bone isn’t thick enough or is too soft, then a bone graft is necessary before the implant. If the bone height is insufficient or the sinus is near the jaw, a sinus lift would be needed. These are the factors that an oral surgeon looks for during the initial consultation. 

Oral surgeons are experts in determining what additional procedure may be required before dental implants to ensure they are successful and stay stable to enhance the quality of your life. Millions of individuals receive dental implants annually; however, it is still not a procedure that is performed frequently by most general dentist. Oral surgeons regularly perform dental implants and bone grafts, have extensive experience, and understand the best practices.

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3. Special Facilities: Oral surgeons perform consultation, examination, and surgeries in special facilities that allow them to conduct the procedure in a comfortable and safe environment. These facilities include state-of-the-art tools and equipment needed to perform a dental implant surgery successfully.

Trusting an oral surgeon for a dental implant would ensure you get the best possible care and reduce any chances of associated risks. Dental Implant placement requires precision, attention to detail, appropriate tools, and expertise, which an oral surgeon can provide. Oral surgeons have the right training and extensive experience in performing dental implant surgeries and know how to manage any complications and risks that may arise during the procedure. 

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