Dr. Tye, your Colleyville dental surgery providerWhen it comes to caring for your oral health, dental specialists can help target different areas of restorative or cosmetic treatment. Endodontists have unique training and experience with root canal therapy, while periodontists focus on the supportive tissues in the mouth such as the health and beauty of gums. When you experience tooth loss, dental implants are the best restorative treatment to replace not just the missing crown of the tooth but the root, as well. No matter their area of expertise, most dental specialists will advise on implant placement. But when it comes to receiving an implant, there are great benefits in choosing an oral surgeon to perform the treatment. Continue reading to learn why Dr. Tye can help you through your next Colleyville dental surgery.

Dental surgery, such as implant placement, is a crucial procedure that is best performed by those specialists who have advanced training and experience specifically for that procedure. Oral surgeon Dr. Chris Tye is a dual-degreed surgeon, having completed both medical and dental training. He is capable of handling any situation that may arise during treatment or recovery. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Tye to learn more about his approach to dental implant treatment, call us at 817.552.3223.

Choosing an oral surgeon can give you better peace of mind that you are receiving the highest level of care by a surgical professional who carries out surgical procedures daily. Both your dentist and oral surgeon play an important role in the restoration of your mouth after tooth loss, but trusting an oral surgeon with your implant treatment means you are receiving surgical care from a dental professional highly trained in dental surgery best practices.

Oral surgeons offer:

Advanced Training

Dr. Tye, like other oral surgeons, completed advanced education (lasting 4 to 6 years) after completing his dental degree. During this time, Dr. Tye completed his medical degree, making him the first dual-degreed oral surgeon in Tarrant County at the time. He holds over 20 years of experience, each day performing Colleyville dental surgery procedures such as implant placement, orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery, bone grafting, TMJ surgery, and wisdom teeth extraction.

Through daily experience, Dr. Tye has built a knowledge base that means you can trust that he will know how to correctly handle your unique implant placement case.

Safe Sedation

As a medical doctor and oral surgeon, Dr. Tye is uniquely qualified to provide advanced sedation options. Though typically not necessary for implant procedures, Dr. Tye can administer general anesthesia which allows a patient to be fully asleep during treatment. Regardless of what sedative options Dr. Tye provides, you can have peace of mind knowing that he is well-equipped to monitor you during the entire procedure.

Skill with Complex Procedures

While some general dentists may perform implant placement treatment, they are not always trained in how to handle complex treatment cases in patients who may have jaw bone deficiencies or other issues that make placement more difficult. Dr. Tye not only places implants, but performs corrective jaw surgeries and other in-depth procedures that have given him a depth of knowledge about the structure of the jaw and the teeth’s supportive structures.

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