wisdom teeth BedfordMany patients think that if they’re not having any problematic symptoms with a wisdom tooth, it’s not necessary to have it removed. Yet, wisdom teeth are particularly prone to becoming impacted because those teeth are so large and the jaw is not big enough to allow them to erupt correctly.

Keeping an impacted wisdom tooth in place, therefore, may not be the best course of action. Impacted wisdom teeth increase a patient’s risk of infection or an abscess because it’s so difficult to keep the rear of the jaw clear of bacteria. Keep in mind that an infection that begins in the wisdom teeth can access the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Your overall health can be affected by an impacted wisdom tooth.

The wisdom teeth can also damage nearby teeth as they continue to try to emerge through the gums. Furthermore, impacted wisdom teeth can interfere with the alignment of all of the teeth if there is no room for them in the jaw. Patients may also experience discomfort associated with impacted wisdom teeth. [pullquote]Your overall health can be affected by an impacted wisdom tooth.[/pullquote]

To avoid these consequences, many patients decide to have their wisdom teeth removed, even if they aren’t having any problems. If you postpone wisdom tooth removal until an infection develops, for example, the oral surgeon may have to delay the extraction procedure until the infection has cleared.

Additionally, it is advised that patients have an oral surgeon remove their wisdom teeth before they reach age 25. The wisdom teeth’s roots are shorter in younger patients, and it is easier to remove them. Older patients also have a longer recovery time than younger ones do.

Ultimately, it’s the patient’s personal choice whether to have a wisdom tooth removed, and many opt for extraction as a proactive measure. However, if you still have your wisdom teeth, it is advised that you consult with an oral surgeon to learn about the pros and cons of wisdom tooth extraction.

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