wisdom teeth SouthlakeHaving impacted wisdom teeth removed will certainly benefit your oral health and your smile’s appearance, but your entire body will gain from the procedure as well. Therefore, it is recommended that patients who still have their wisdom teeth be evaluated by an oral surgeon to see if extraction is indicated.

Impacted wisdom teeth are associated with a number of risks, including abscesses and other infections, cysts and tumors, discomfort and damage to surrounding teeth. An infection that begins in your mouth – because it’s hard to keep impacted wisdom teeth clean and free from bacteria – can easily access the bloodstream and spread throughout the rest of the body. In the most severe cases, a patient can develop a potentially life-threatening condition called sepsis, although this is relatively rare.

Additionally, any issue that affects the integrity of your teeth has the potential to compromise your nutritional intake if it limits your ability to chew fresh fruits and vegetables. If impacted teeth damage surrounding teeth or shift the teeth out of alignment so that they can’t chew as well, all of the cells in your body may not get the nourishment that they need.

Patients usually consult with an oral surgeon about wisdom tooth extraction, as surrounding bone must be removed in order to access and extract the wisdom teeth. This process requires a surgical procedure rather than a simple extraction.

It is typical for patients to pursue wisdom tooth extraction as a preventive measure before any symptoms develop. Additionally, it’s preferred for patients to have their wisdom teeth removed by the time they reach their mid-twenties, as it is easier to remove the wisdom teeth in younger patients, and they bounce back more quickly after the procedure. Older patients can still have their wisdom teeth removed, but they may face a higher risk of complications and generally longer recovery periods.

Wisdom teeth removal has a number of benefits. If you still have your wisdom teeth, schedule an evaluation to determine whether they are impacted and if extraction might be recommended in your case. Your smile and body can get a boost from the treatment.

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