wisdom teeth Grapevine Wisdom teeth removal can have significant benefits for a patient’s oral health, but it’s important to evaluate a patient’s readiness for oral surgery prior to the procedure.

In order to make sure that you are healthy enough to tolerate surgery, our oral surgeon will evaluate your case at the initial appointment. This applies to both your oral health and your overall health.

Dr. Tye will closely examine your gums for any signs of uncontrolled gum disease, which could increase your risk of infection if it’s not treated before your wisdom teeth are removed. Similarly, you may need to get tooth decay in the vicinity addressed before the extraction if it is present.

Additionally, our surgeon will take a medical history that collects information on any chronic conditions or acute illnesses. For example, if you develop a sinus infection in the days before your scheduled appointment, you may need to delay the extraction for a period of time. This process is intended to assess whether you are in good enough condition to tolerate surgery.

Patients should also be fully informed on any risks presented by wisdom tooth extraction, even though most risks are rare. Some risks may be preventable, so you should be educated on what you can do to reduce the likelihood that you’ll develop issues like dry sockets, for example.

Sedation is another pre-extraction consideration. Patients have a number of options, which may require different preparation strategies. Decide on the type of sedation that is most appropriate for you and inform your surgeon of your choice as soon as possible so that you can learn what you need to do in advance.

While it’s important to discuss all applicable pre-extraction considerations prior to wisdom tooth removal, you should also receive adequate instructions on how to care for the extraction sites after the procedure, as well. Our surgeon will give you this information in advance of the procedure so that you can minimize your chances of complications.

Whether you are having your wisdom teeth removed as a preventive measure or because you’ve developed symptoms, it’s important to be adequately prepared for the procedure. At your surgical consultation, ask us about the pre-extraction considerations that apply in your case and whether those factors may influence the timing of your extraction.

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