wisdom teeth Bedford TXDid you know that keeping your wisdom teeth could put you at risk for severe oral health problems? Retaining wisdom teeth is incredibly problematic. This is because they rarely come through the gums fully in healthy positions. Instead, they tend to become impacted and may only partially erupt. They can crowd other teeth, lead to oral infections, and increase the risk for tooth decay among the back teeth. In most instances, an oral surgeon will recommend the removal of wisdom teeth as a precautionary measure.

Why Wisdom Teeth are Problematic

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, don’t come through the gums until adulthood. The rest of a person’s adult teeth emerge during adolescence. By the time a person’s wisdom teeth come through, their existing permanent teeth are well established. This means that there is not much room left in the mouth for the arrival of third molars. Lacking adequate room, third molars might become stuck in the gums/jaw (impacted) or emerge sideways while crowding the rest of the teeth in the oral cavity. Crowding can lead to spacing issues between teeth, thus affecting the visible placement of teeth.

Beyond presenting aesthetic and orthodontic problems, crowding makes teeth difficult to floss and brush thoroughly. Since teeth are harder to clean in this situation, patients will have a higher risk for developing periodontal disease and dental caries. Moreover, the partial eruption or impaction of wisdom teeth means that third molars can develop very painful and destructive infections called abscesses.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Removal

When wisdom teeth begin to emerge, most dental professionals will recommend their removal as a means to prevent the many complications associated with their arrival. Having wisdom teeth removed is a surgical procedure called an extraction. Our practice specializes in removing wisdom teeth utilizing advanced technology and effective techniques. During treatment, we administer local anesthetics and prescription medications to ensure a positive and comfortable experience. After treatment, our staff will offer helpful information to facilitate a smooth and expedient recovery.

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