wisdom teeth BedfordHave you been told that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Perhaps you wonder why they need to be removed at all – especially if you don’t have any noticeable symptoms. Wisdom tooth removal is a very common procedure for young adults. Having your wisdom teeth (third molars) removed can help prevent a host of issues that negatively affect your oral health including gum disease, dental caries, problems related to your occlusion and tooth alignment, and frequent orofacial pain. Third molar extraction is often recommended as a preventive measure but in some cases where patients have retained their wisdom teeth for too long, a tooth extraction may be necessary if teeth have abscessed or affected neighboring oral tissue.

Why do wisdom teeth cause health problems?

The main reason that wisdom teeth cause health problems is because they come in during early adulthood while the rest of a person’s adult teeth begin to emerge in early adolescence. Since these teeth arrive much later in life, they typically become impacted because there is not enough room in the mouth for them to erupt in a healthy, upright position. An impacted tooth means that part or the tooth’s entire crown is “stuck” in the gums and/or jaw. Impacted teeth are very prone to becoming decayed or abscessed since keeping the crown of the tooth free of buildup from plaque or debris is nearly impossible.

Impacted teeth or issues with crowding can move teeth in undesirable ways. Sometimes, patients who keep their wisdom teeth experience previously straight teeth becoming crooked and overlapped. Unwanted tooth movement is especially troublesome for patients who have previously invested in orthodontic treatment.

Additionally, impacted teeth – especially if they move existing adult teeth – can cause occlusal issues like TMJ disorder and worn dentition. TMJ disorder and unwanted tooth movement may also contribute to orofacial pain, especially tenderness near the jaw and headaches.

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