older couple sitting on couch and smilingToday, oral surgeons can offer more natural and secure smiles than ever before for patients who have lost most or all their teeth. Two popular options offered by many oral surgeons in the north Texas area are CONUS and All-on-4®. Depending on your lifestyle and desires, as well as your oral health, either CONUS or All-on-4 may be a more attractive option.

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CONUS and All-on-4 Similarities

Both techniques are implant-supported teeth replacement treatments that provide a secure alternative to traditional dentures. Each method requires an oral surgeon to extract any remaining teeth. Your oral surgeon than securely places four dental implants into both the top and bottom jaw. This provides the solid foundation that keeps CONUS and All-on-4 dentures from slipping. Both solutions also involve your general dentist or prosthodontist fabricating prosthetic teeth that achieve the most natural look and feel for your smile. With either option, patients can avoid the usual dietary restrictions that traditional dentures require and gain back the freedom to confidently and comfortably eat and drink.


CONUS and All-on-4 Differences

Initial treatment procedures for both techniques are largely the same. However, each differ with the type of dentures that are placed and the timeline after implants are inserted. Note that with either treatment, candidates should be in good health without history of autoimmune diseases, diabetes, or related conditions that could affect healing.


With CONUS, patients are given temporary dentures the day their oral surgeon places implants. Typically, these temporary dentures are worn for about 8 to 12 weeks while the implants integrate to the patient’s jaw. During this time, a final set of teeth is fabricated. These final dentures are placed securely, fitting tightly onto four posts that are attached to each implant. CONUS dentures are designed to be worn 24/7 while eating, drinking, and sleeping. However, patients can remove them for occasional cleaning whenever they desire.

About All-on-4

With All-on-4, you may be familiar with the concept “Teeth-In-A-Day®.” Most patients who choose this technique receive temporary, non-removable dentures the day of their implant procedure. These temporary dentures are securely fastened to the implants in each jaw, creating permanent, fixed teeth. About 3 to 4 months after the implant procedure, patients will receive their final set of permanent dentures from their dentist of prosthodontist. Since these teeth are non-removable, patients must schedule quarterly or bi-annual cleanings with their dentist to maintain optimal oral health. It’s important to note that non-removable dentures can pose more of an issue for people who are susceptible to periodontal disease or previously suffered bone loss from periodontal disease.

A Denture Alternative That Works For You

Is CONUS or All-on-4 in Colleyville, TX right for you? Dr. Chris Tye can walk you each technique in greater detail, and discuss treatment options based on your health history and current lifestyle, history of periodontal disease, and the structure and health of your jaw. Dr. Tye always communicates and collaborates directly with your dentist or prosthodontist to ensure the fit, look, and feel of your permanent dentures is natural and comfortable.

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