Unemployment across America is holding steady at record low numbers. Is it any wonder that people living in Grapevine, TX, are seeking new jobs? Now could be one of the best times to negotiate a promotion or snag a dream role. Having dental implants placed by Dr. Chris Tye, an oral surgeon, can improve the odds of getting hired.

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Dental Implants: Nailing Job Interviews

Traditional job interviews take place in person. However, many employers now use phone interviews to screen applicants. With the advent of new technologies, some Grapevine, TX, job hunters also interview via Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, or another virtual meeting platform.

Regardless of the type of interview process you undergo, a complete, bright, beautiful set of teeth will make you look polished and professional. A huge benefit is feeling more confident when smiling. Many people experience lowered self-confidence directly related to missing teeth. Having a complete smile can immediately make you feel less self-conscious. This will allow you to concentrate on what you say, not how you look, during your interview.

Another advantage to replacing missing teeth with dental implants is speaking clearly. Smile gaps can make pronouncing certain sounds difficult. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings and diction issues. Feeling confident in your speech will send a strong message to interviewers. They’ll respect your obvious self-assurance.

Finally, dental implants will make you look younger. When lost teeth are not replaced, the body begins to react as if the jawbone is no longer important. Bone-strengthening minerals are redirected to other parts of the body, and the jawbone will begin to deteriorate. This typically leads to a sunken look around the cheeks and lips, which creates an aged appearance. Perhaps looking younger isn’t actually your goal as a job seeker, you should consider it a plus. Having a youthful appearance  can set you apart from other candidates and create the appearance of having youthful energy.

Dental Implants: Making Positive First Impressions

After landing your next job, you’ll find that having dental implants can still be a huge social asset. You’ll be more likely to smile at and speak with new coworkers. Plus, you’ll spend less time worrying about how your mouth looks.

Being able to confidently speak up in meetings can help you get into the rhythm of your new workplace sooner rather than later. If you’re regularly meeting with outside prospects and clients, you can especially benefit from being able to concentrate on building a relationship. Who has time to think about missing teeth or dental worries on an important sales call?

Planning for a New Job in the New Year

The process of placing dental implants takes several months to complete, but you can wear temporary appliances in the meantime if needed. 

Call our oral surgery office in Grapevine, TX, to set up a consultation with Dr. Tye and discuss your dental goals. During your initial examination, Dr. Tye will determine your candidacy for dental implants or implant-supported dentures.

With dental implants and other advanced dental treatments, your smile won’t hold you back from the living your best life.