Busted Myths about All-on-4 TreatmentMaybe a friend or relative has wears permanent dentures, or maybe you’ve seen advertisements and commercials about the procedure. You’re interested, but you don’t know how to separate fact from fiction. How do you know if permanent dentures, like the All-on-4® treatment offered by Dr. Tye, are right for you?

Below, we address some common myths that exist about All-on-4, helping you learn more about this popular procedure. However, the only way to truly know if permanent dentures are right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chris L. Tye at our Colleyville, TX practice. Start the conversation today by calling us at 817.552.3223.

Myth #1: An All-on-4 clinic is the best place to go for treatment.

Though many All-on-4 clinics exist, and advertise heavily, you can receive All-on-4 treatment from Dr. Tye and other traditional oral surgeons at oral surgery practices across North Texas. Dr. Tye has over 25 years of experience placing implants and offering other oral surgery services such as wisdom teeth removal and TMJ surgery. He holds both a dental and medical degree, and has the skill and knowledge to handle any situation that may arise during surgery. If you are looking for the highest level of precision and experience in the Colleyville, TX area, Dr. Tye is an excellent choice.

Myth #2: Implant-supported dentures are just like natural teeth.

Though implants offer the stability and strength similar to that of natural teeth (and far superior than that of traditional dentures), they are not just like natural teeth. Care and maintenance for your dentures will differ than traditional care techniques for teeth. Dentures’ artificial teeth and gums are composed of various resins and acrylic plastics, and may contain metal components as well. Though decay does not occur on dentures like it does on natural teeth, harmful oral bacteria must still be treated.

Myth #3: You don’t have to brush and floss implant-supported dentures like All-on-4.

However, though dentures are not just like teeth, that doesn’t mean you no longer need to brush and floss! Keeping clean dentures will extend their life, and will keep your mouth cleaner and healthier, too. Implants are only effective when the supportive bone and gum tissues are healthy and strong. If decay and infection occur from a lack of proper oral hygiene, your implant-supported dentures could lose their stability and function. Daily brushings and flossing, along with regular intensive cleanings from your dentist, will keep your mouth and dentures strong and clean.

Myth #4: Everyone who has dentures qualifies for All-on-4.

All-on-4 is a permanent denture treatment supported by four dental implants on both the top and bottom jaws. Patients must have bone tissue density in the jaw to support four implants, so unfortunately, not every patient can qualify. Dr. Tye can determine whether you can support the All-on-4 method.

Myth #5: “Teeth in a day” is too good to be true.

You may have heard All-on-4 treatment referred to as “teeth in a day.” This is because, for some patients who qualify, it’s possible to receive dental implants and temporary, non-removable dentures in just one day. Though preliminary and follow-up appointments will be needed, the actual placement procedures can happen at one appointment. This does not mean that All-on-4 is somehow less stable or less effective than other methods; the faster results are just a great benefit when choosing this particular treatment method.

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