Plenty of articles address many aspects of All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants. However, most do not discuss tips to help you prepare emotionally for the reality of having a new, beautiful, full smile. If you are considering All-on-4 treatment, this article will help you prepare for your upcoming surgery with Dr. Chris Tye. Need to set up an initial appointment? Call us to arrange an initial examination and consultation to talk about All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants in Southlake, TX.

Consider How Your Customized Prosthetic Will Feel

When placed by a qualified, credentialed oral surgeon, All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants will mimic the appearance of natural teeth. However, they will probably feel a little foreign at first. Even if you are accustomed to traditional dentures, the prosthetic used for All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants will have a different fit.

Talk to Dr. Tye about what to expect from the fit and feel. You may also want to envision what it will be like to have a new or different prosthesis in your mouth. This will reduce any surprise you have at the completion of surgery.

Map out Your First Post-Surgery Days

Instead of playing it by ear, schedule at-home, low-movement activities for yourself during the first days post-surgery. For instance, you may want to head to the bookstore or library ahead of time to stock up on some classics you have always wanted to read. Alternatively, you might want to binge watch a favorite Netflix show during your period of recuperation.

Make sure whatever you decide to do is not taxing. Your body needs time to rest. However, if you keep your mind active and occupied, you will feel less antsy or bored.

Expect a Speech-Related Learning Curve

As with any oral appliance, you will probably have a slight learning curve when it comes to pronouncing some sounds and words. This is completely natural and expected. In fact, you might already have trouble speaking clearly because of missing teeth, failing teeth, or uncomfortable traditional dentures. In that case, your new prosthetic could enhance your diction.  

Have a discussion with Dr. Tye to see which consonants other patients had to work on after receiving All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants. He can give you insights into what All-on-4Ⓡ dental implant patients have noticed about their speech patterns post-surgery.

Prepare to Re-Establish Your Typical Bite Force

When you currently chew foods, you bite down with the force you have become accustomed to using. After placement of All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants, you may need to change your bite force to accommodate for your prosthetic teeth. Chewing slowly and carefully will help you establish a new bite force that feels comfortable and works well.

Practice Smiling in the Mirror

Has it been a long time since you felt comfortable smiling around people or for pictures? Instead of waiting until you get your restorations, why not practice in the mirror now? Envision yourself with your All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants in advance of your surgery. After placement, you will feel completely accustomed to smiling anytime, anywhere.

All-on-4Ⓡ Dental Implants in Southlake, TX

It is not an exaggeration to say that many patients who receive All-on-4Ⓡ dental implants feel as though the experience is truly life-changing. Take a few special steps before your placement surgery to give yourself an emotional boost to carry you through the first weeks as you become accustomed to your incredible new smile. Call us at (817) 552-3223 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tye in the near future.