The Many Benefits of Dental ImplantsDental implants were first introduced over 30 years ago, and even today, remain the most reliable and successful restorative treatment for missing teeth. But you may be wondering just why dental implants are so beneficial for missing teeth. Below, we’re discussing the top six reasons why Dr. Chris Tye and our team restore missing teeth roots with these appliances whenever possible. Dr. Tye’s experience as a leading provider for dental implants for patients in Colleyville, TX and the surrounding areas means that when you receive dental implant treatment from Texas Oral Surgery Specialists, you are not only receiving a high-quality restoration, but the greatest level of care, too.

If you are looking for restorative oral surgery care in Colleyville, TX, schedule your consultation with Dr. Chris Tye. Dr. Tye serves as a Diplomate for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and locally, has consecutively been named by Fort Worth Magazine as a Top Doctor and Top Dentist. You can trust that with Dr. Tye, and our team, you or your loved one will be in good hands.

Let’s dive into the many benefits of dental implants. Dental implants offer:

Improved Oral Health

Bone deterioration is a common result of tooth loss. Because dental implants mimic natural teeth roots within the jaw, the jawbone still functions, rebuilds, and maintains strength as though a tooth root is in place. The risk of bone atrophy or shrinkage is significantly reduced when implant placement occurs soon after tooth loss.

Decay-Free Repair

Dental implants do not decay like natural teeth. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the implant deteriorating within the jaw; while your remaining natural teeth may face enamel wear and decay in the future, your implant will restore your bite and offer sturdy and uncompromising support within your mouth and jaw. Proper oral care remains extremely important however, as infection or bone deterioration around the implant with lack of proper oral care can still have a negative effect on your oral health.

Enhanced Comfort

Because implants anchor restorations in the same way that natural tooth roots do, patients often find the results of treatment more comfortable and natural than traditional restorations. Implants also offer a firmer bite and stronger chewing capabilities than dental restorations which rest on top of the gums or nearby teeth. With implants, there is little chance of the restoration sliding or slipping when speaking or eating.

Optimal Aesthetics

Modern dentistry’s restorative materials closely mimic natural tooth enamel. Dental implants can consequently offer an incredibly lifelike look. For some patients, zirconia implants offer an alternative option to the traditional titanium implants. Zirconia can provide a more aesthetic restoration for patients who have experienced gum recession, or those who have thin gums. Teeth that are visible in the smile may be more aesthetically restored with white, non-metal zirconia implants.

Incredible Durability

With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last much longer than their traditional alternatives. Whereas the lifespan of a dental bridge is seven to ten years on average, a dental implant often last 30 years to lifetime with proper care. For many patients, implants will last their entire life.

Versatile Restoration

Implants offer support not only for a single-tooth restoration (as with a dental crown), but can also firmly anchor restorations for multiple-teeth restorations. Implant-supported bridges, dentures, and full mouth restorations, such as All-on-4® treatments, are possible because of the versatility of these appliances.

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