What's the difference between a dentist and an oral surgeon?Searching for the best oral surgeon for you or your loved one in Southlake, TX? Before you begin, you should become familiar with what oral surgeons do, and why their specialized services set them apart from a family dentist.

If you’re looking for an oral surgeon in Southlake, TX, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Tye. Our Colleyville office is on Southlake Blvd., so we’re nearby. Dr. Tye has over 20 years of experience in wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant placements, TMJ treatments, and other oral surgery procedures. Contact Texas Oral Surgery Specialists to set up a consultation with Dr. Tye by calling 817-552-3223.

Education and Qualifications

After graduating with an undergraduate degree, both general dentists and oral surgeons complete a minimum of 4 years of training at an accredited dental school. General dentists can then begin practicing, while oral surgeons must continue their education to become a dental specialist. Oral surgeons complete years of additional education and residencies. Training focuses on the invasive procedures involving the mouth, jaw, and face, that an oral surgeon performs day-to-day. Some, like Dr. Chris Tye, also receive a medical degree during that time.


The services that dentists and oral surgeons offer vary greatly. General dentists often focus on preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental procedures, such as:

  • Routine dental cleanings
  • Cavity or tooth decay treatments
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental crowns
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers

Though oral surgeons are dentists, they don’t usually perform general dentistry services. Much like your general practitioner refers you to specialists for certain medical issues, a general dentist will often refer patients to a dental specialist for more specific or invasive procedures.

Oral surgeons focus on specific procedures, including:

  • Dental extractions (including wisdom teeth)
  • Dental implants
  • Broken bone repair for the face and jaw
  • Oral cancer screenings and biopsies
  • TMJ treatments and surgery
  • Jaw alignment surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery

Choosing an oral surgeon for these types of procedures has significant benefits. Just like general dentists regularly perform dental cleanings and cavity treatments, oral surgeons regularly perform procedures like complex tooth extractions and implant placements. Dr. Tye’s decades of experience has prepared him to deal with complications that can arise during surgery.

Oral surgeons can also offer sedation options other dental professionals cannot. Dr. Tye is uniquely qualified to provide IV sedation, a short-acting medication used to immediately reduce pain and anxiety by producing a sleeplike state.

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Both general dentists and oral surgeons have unique skills and experience to treat different dental health issues, and both should play a role helping you achieve optimum oral health. If you want to consult with an oral surgeon about any of the procedures listed above, look no further than Dr. Tye! Highly reviewed as one of the best oral surgeons in the Southlake, TX area, Dr. Tye and our staff at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists are happy to answer any questions you have about oral surgery, dental health, or cosmetic dental procedures. Call us today at 817.552.3223.