portrait of young woman with confused look shrugging her shoulders in front of white backgroundDo you have a badly decayed or damaged tooth? Have you been told your tooth needs to be removed? Who should perform your Colleyville dental extraction ­– a general dentist or an oral surgeon? A thorough understanding of your treatment options and a comprehension of the differences between these two dental professionals can help you determine which is the right answer for your situation. Today, the team at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists will explore these topics so you can be well-informed to make your decision.

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Understanding Your Treatment Options

First, it is important to understand the complexity of your case. For example, you can begin by asking yourself a few simple questions, such as:

  • Will I need to replace the tooth once it is extracted?
  • Will I require any bone grafting?
  • Do I want to be sedated during treatment?

Unless you are having a wisdom tooth removed, you will most likely need to replace the one you are losing. If you are considering replacing the tooth with a dental implant, there must be sufficient bone in the area. To achieve this, bone grafting or other preparatory procedures are often necessary. Dr. Chris Tye, your Colleyville implant dentist, is well-versed in these procedures, and can offer the best chance for successful treatment. Aside from convenience, seeing the same dental professional for your extraction and dental implant also ensures that you receive the highest quality of care possible.

The Difference between a General Dentist and Oral Surgeon

Both general dentists and oral surgeons are required to complete a program at an accredited four-year dental school. After graduation, a general dentist can begin practicing. An aspiring oral surgeon will need to continue his or her education in a residency program, which lasts two to three more years. During this time, oral surgeons receive focused training on all oral and maxillofacial surgical techniques, including dental implantology. Dr. Tye is also board-certified, which signifies his commitment and devotion to his profession. If you need a Colleyville dental extraction, look no further than our oral surgery practice.

Benefits of Choosing an Oral Surgeon

Calling an oral surgeon probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you need a tooth extracted. However, these dental professionals are well-equipped to handle anything that comes their way. Even routine procedures can become complex without warning. For example, if complications occur during your procedure, such as a broken tooth, cracked root, or exposed sinus, an oral surgeon can skillfully navigate these issues. In contrast, general dentists must often stop the procedure if this type of complication occurs and refer the patient out to an oral surgeon to complete the treatment. Additionally, oral surgeons provide sedation options to relax you during your procedure. Whenever you have your treatment performed at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists, you can opt for IV sedation, which will help you remain comfortable throughout the duration of your appointment.

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