Colleyville implant dentistNearly every family dentist advertises dental implants as a treatment they offer nowadays. Actual experience among general and specialty dentists can vary widely, however. Some dentists don’t even perform the actual placement themselves. If you are considering implants as a solution to your tooth loss, seeking out an oral surgeon to perform your implant placement may be a wise choice.

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Implants: The Difference between One Tooth and Many

Dental implants are an excellent permanent replacement for missing teeth. They are a versatile treatment, which can (a) replace one tooth, (b) create a bridge to replace many consecutive teeth, or (c) be used to support a full arch of dentures. However, the more teeth you are replacing with implants, the greater the need to plan and place carefully.

For the casual implant patient who has lost one tooth to an accident or decay, the implant procedure can be very straightforward. There is only one open spot in the jaw for the implant to fit into, and there’s only one tooth to be supported by the implant. Having a mouth full of otherwise healthy teeth can help make sure the implant and crown are not overtaxed and stay stable in the jaw.

For the patient with more widespread tooth loss, however, there is much more at stake. With an implant bridge, partial dentures, or All-on-4 implant dentures, placement is a much more delicate matter. The bone at the implant site must be dense and healthy enough to support the implants, as well as the long-term stress of supporting dentures. All your chewing function from now on will be dependent on how well the implants bond with the structures of the face. Therefore, proper placement must be planned with a meticulous understanding of your unique facial anatomy. Furthermore, any medical factors that may affect your body’s ability to accept and stabilize the implants must be factored into the process.

Choose a Highly Qualified Provider for Your Surgery

As an oral surgeon and implant dentist, Dr. Chris Tye is dual-degreed in his field. As an M.D. and D.D.S., Dr. Tye has the extensive medical and dental training to make your dental implant procedure predictable and successful. Not only does he understand the unique dental issues related to implant dentures, he also has the medical training as an oral surgeon to be able to perform anesthesia, monitor your convalescent and healing periods, and predict any potential complicating factors.

For over 20 years, Dr. Tye has been a practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He will work in concert with your primary dentist and physician to ensure you get the best placement and medical treatment possible.

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